Fasting and Prayer

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Phase 3 began last night.

Fasting and prayer is a blessing every time. If you have never fasted or prayed I would encourage you to try it. We only fast as a church 1 or 2 times a year however we can do it anytime.

Have something special you need to pray about? I’ll be happy to pray with you about it. I’ll even fast with you for something. I believe everyone needs to have fasting in their life. Prayer should be every day however how many times should we fast? I do not believe it should be limited to the church-wide fasts. I truly believe each of us should fast at times when we are seeking God for answers or help. God will come in our time of need and some spirits and problems are only broke through fasting and prayer.

I am naturally looking forward to the fast ending so I can eat again however that is human nature. I want to seek God more and praise Him more.

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