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January 23, 2019 Revelations

It is better to be prepared than to be going through hoping for the best. I can plan all day but unless I act on those plans I will get nowhere. It is the same for our walk with God. If we only make plans of how we will serve or we only make plans to praise Him but we never act then it is a worthless effort that gets us nowhere.

I can imagine the person which gets to the white throne of judgement and stand before God and say but Lord I made so many plans to serve you and I planned great praise. I can imagine them saying many people came to Christ through their plans they had made. God will answer them and say you have done that but you never acted on it for yourself. Depart from me servant of iniquity, I never knew you.

I do not want to ever want to be that person and in addition to planning I want to act of them. Let us all act and worship the King of kings. We all need to sacrifice and give to God. It’s time that we stop thinking about it and stop just planning and actually start to act on them and work for the kingdom of God.

We need a spirit of sacrifice and a spirit of giving. Let’s do more this year than ever before. God bless everyone. Be ready for more this year than ever before. We will get our fire back and we will be unstoppable.

Fasting and Prayer

Phase 3 began last night.

Fasting and prayer is a blessing every time. If you have never fasted or prayed I would encourage you to try it. We only fast as a church 1 or 2 times a year however we can do it anytime.

Have something special you need to pray about? I’ll be happy to pray with you about it. I’ll even fast with you for something. I believe everyone needs to have fasting in their life. Prayer should be every day however how many times should we fast? I do not believe it should be limited to the church-wide fasts. I truly believe each of us should fast at times when we are seeking God for answers or help. God will come in our time of need and some spirits and problems are only broke through fasting and prayer.

I am naturally looking forward to the fast ending so I can eat again however that is human nature. I want to seek God more and praise Him more.

January 18, 2019

Where do I start? What should I say? I have tried blogs before and using while I can always say something its hard sometimes to keep at it and to keep content coming.

I will do my best to keep active at least a couple posts a week. If you like a post please let me know or comment here on the site. I love to share sometimes and I love to have fun. I do have a lot of things scheduled for this year and I am sure I will post about some of that.

Examples of things I will do this year:

  • Zoo Trips
  • North American Youth Congress 2019
  • Pay Bills (I know right, nearly all adults have to do this)
  • Diet (I am eliminating all caffeine and carbonation. I am also greatly reducing my sugars, red meat, and intake of fried foods.)
  • Lose weight (I intend to lose no less than 50 with a goal of 100.)
  • Pray more.
  • Teach More.
  • Be more involved.

I really want to have a great time this year and will look forward to having a lot of fun.